Recent Donations


December 2016

  • Hormany Group donated 400 pairs of shoes for children. We thank Mrs. Archana for the kind gesture.
  • Mr. Sameer Jain donated 7 almirahs and 400 folders to the GVS School. Thank you Sir.
  • Mrs. and Mr. Prashant Rohatgi donated 200 Caps and 504 pairs of Socks to children. A big thank you to both of them.
  • Mrs. Neena Razdan donated 350 pieces of Toothpastes,Toothbrushes each. Thank you Neena ji.

January 2017

  • ILFS provided Maths and English kits to children. 
  • Mrs. Sarla Malde donated some interested stationary items which include 5 Puzzzles of insects & animals,19 Story books, 15 Finger puppets.Thank you Mam.
  • Ms. Priyanka Varshney donated 100 Colour books, 200 pencils,100 sharpners,100 crayon pkts.and 100 erasers to children. Thank you Priyanka ji.


We thank all our donars to help children with their kind gesture.