Our Mission

  • To inspire the socially economically backward children into the mainstream by primarily supporting their educational needs along with social, health and hygiene care.
  • To enable them to become responsible, capable & employable citizens with pride and sense of belonging to their community and the nation.

Our Vision Ahead
Scope of our program has grown significantly in the past two years and the future holds even more promise. We plan to offer a greater number of opportunities to our children. The focus will be on expanding the horizon of learning from basic literacy to more life-enhancing skills in multi-faceted ways and focusing on vocational education for the older children and Adult education for the community people.

  • Launch of Computer Centre to further enhance the knowledge of children and equip them with the latest technology for future employment opportunities.
  • Setting up of an interactive monitoring system to closely watch and help the children’s learning progress at the Government schools after being mainstreamed.
  • Create awareness about Child Rights and Human Rights to help children understand their inherent rights as human beings to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact their lives.
  • Create awareness about Gender equality, Personal hygiene and care.
  • Collaborative Projects with private and international school students for better understanding of different levels of learning.
  • Vocational Training for older children and community women to empower them for livelihood.
  • Periodical Counseling sessions for community people on responsible parenting and general counseling for children.
  • Provision of Solar lighting to provide lighting facility at the Basti school and the Library as the community is deprived of power connection.
  • Provision of additional hand pumps to provide potable water to children to address water borne diseases.
  • Provision of temporary field-toilet for teaching staff at the Basti School as the community has no proper sanitation.
  • Provision of playground at the community for sporting activities along with better sport equipments.

Sustenance of the Project to ensure smooth functioning of the program by taking measures on both Financial and Program sustenance through regular flow of funds and sufficient people/resource mobilization.