Solar Lamp installation in Basti

Steria Noida Brings MORE Light to GSV Basti with Street Light. Installation work in progress.

Health Camp - 31st March 2008

Periodical health camp for community people..



TIME PERIOD:  3 months - Nov 2015, Dec 2015 and Jan 2016

S.A.F.E. Continuous Engagement program aims to provide interconnected understanding of issues of safety of Girls  where by they take charge of their safety in their own hands and boys to learn the importance of redefining masculinity . The theme of the CEP is “ we all have a role to play in safety of Girls”. Through this CEP S.A.F.E. aims to facilitate management of GSV who in turn would enable teachers , students and families to make more informed choices about their lives with special focus on personal safety of girls. The program is tailored in to segments of activities aimed at imparting knowledge, building skills, attitudes and values which are fundamentals for safety.