Our Humble Beginning

A bright and pleasant thursday morning in the month of July 06 with soothing sunshine & cheery birds in the park changed the outlook for a few morning walkers after having witnessed weekly unpleasant scenes at a Dargah in the Main Park, Opposite Sector 15A, Noida. Promising young and innocent children deprived of basic socio-economic needs that we all consider our due, were begging for alms. Efforts were made over time to politely discourage the almsgivers as it would only make the poverty-stricken children weaker to face and tackle the ills of their plight, but it was hardly heard by any. It is then that Rear Admiral (Retd.) H.C. Malhotra, Senior citizen of Sector-15A, Noida came across Sunil Razdan, one of the almsgiver, a middle aged but youthful Morning Walker. They both shared similar views and together firmed up on the view that there were deep rooted social ill effects, if begging of any kind was encouraged. Two strangers with similar views decided to take action against this appalling condition by combining the experience and guidance of the older with the energy of the younger and founded ‘Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya’ to help these children into the mainstream by primarily supporting their educational needs along with social, health and hygiene care. This brought a ray of hope in over a hundred of lesser privileged children’s life in the slum dwellings of Yamuna Khader Pushta, off Delhi-Noida Flyway.

Sunil Razdan & Rear Adm.(Retd.) H C Malhotra     Inaugration of Basti School by community women


Project Development

We provide educational opportunities to these children who are mostly First-Generation learners. The families living in these huts/slums are migrant labour, having mostly come from Bihar and temporarily settled here to make a livelihood. These children had the odds stacked against them. They were exposed to the elements, had an uncertain supply of food, were missing out on basic education and medical treatment, and were at high risk of suffering addiction, abuse and illness. In the long run, not only do these problems cause suffering, but they also conspire to keep the child poor throughout his/her life. In order to survive, a poor child is probably forced to sacrifice education and training and in turn remain at the bottom of the economic heap without skills, as an adult.

The program intends to be a guiding force to steer these deserving children beyond the horizon of present knowledge and prepare them for better future citizens by providing them basic literacy, mainstreaming them into Government schools and providing Vocational Training along with social, health and hygiene care.

The root causes of poverty are beyond a single NGOs power to change, but we at Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya believe in helping wherever and however we can. The program is managed by a Core Group of volunteers. Today, we have the total support of people from all walks of life, specially the enlightened morning walkers.


“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it does not matter who gets the credit.”