Environmental Learning


As an environmental concerned Group, we staunchly believe in Going Green and feel committed to creating a healthier and cleaner world for oncoming generations. In efforts to that we promote GREEN education by fostering Environmental education in children to help them understand and appreciate the interrelationship of all life and feel responsible towards conserving it.

Some of the activities organized so far:

  • Group discussions with few children from Amity School on the issues of Global Warming, Saving our Planet Earth, Recycle & Reusing of resources to help sustain a healthy environment.
  • Tree Plantation by children under the aegis of the Horticulture Division of Noida Authority in Aug'08. We planted 130 saplings (one each) around the Dargah, where the tutorial is being conducted every day at the Park School.
Tree Plantation by children - Aug 08

Also, children have been encouraged to plant and nurture at least one plant each outside their hut.