Computer & Vocational Training


Vocational training courses are a pragmatic, but powerful tool to assist adolescents, who are too old to go to the schools, in escaping the poverty trap. Children acquire skills such as tailoring, TV repair, auto workshops, better farming techniques etc, which can prove more valuable to them than additional formal schooling. It helps in alleviating some of their poverty and encourages children to become self-reliant and his/her parents to choose vocational training over child labour. 

  • Organized a 2-month course on Basic Computer skills for 8 children to assess their learning capability to a new concept as computers as a pilot project. This experiment has assured us to introduce all our children to this world of technology through our own Computer Centre.
  • Provided 7-week Certified course in Tailoring and Stitching at the National Vocational Training Institute for 18 women (mothers/sisters) from the community with the help of Steria.
Tailoring & Stiching classes - Feb 08     Certificate award ceremony - Mar 08

We look forward to support and guidance from respective experts to expand this area of learning.