Community Re-integration


People in the community had their own set of problems when we put forth the concept of schooling for their children. They were struggling to meet both ends meet and children were part of sharing household responsibilities. Children were expected to help the parents in bringing home the bacon as against going to school at that tender age. Hence, parents were initially resistant to send the children to the school.

Gradually, repeated discussions with determined perseverance and community developmental activities paved way for a new beginning.

Some of the activities undertaken for community re-integration:

  • Provision of school at the community by building a temporary shed and providing 2 trained teachers
  • Designating a woman from the community as a Vice-President of Basti School to encourage dedicated participation from the parent community
  • Provision of potable deep bore water hand-pumps to address the water borne diseases
  • Adult Literacy Program to provide education to the mothers, working women in the basti for better employment opportunities
  • Empowerment of women through tailoring course and provision of Stitching centre at the community with 5 sewing machines
  • Periodical Medical camps to address health-related issues
  • Setting up of a Tea stall by financially assisting the medically handicapped person to provide a better livelihood
  • Periodical cultural activities being organised at the community by involving the entire community people to witness the progress achieved by their children
  • 'Safai Abhiyan' program involving the entire community to keep the community and its surroundings clean and green 
  • Regular interactions and brainstorming sessions with the parents on issues of community concerns has only helped in bringing the community together and build improved interpersonal relationships amongst themselves and with us.
Periodical Medical Camps for the community people

We are aware that handling children is easier than fully involving the community for the program’s success.We know that it’s a long haul, but together it is achievable.